Shoot On-Demand Local Delivery App helps you find and order not just food, but whatever products or services, whenever you want (i.e. automechanic,

tutor, department store, local gas station/convenience store etc).  The way it works: type in your address, choose your category, and then scroll through our list of nearby

local businesses that offer products or services near you.  Once you find what you want, select your item, proceed to check out then choose your method of payment.

That's it...we'll Shoot it over to you "real-time" using the latest GPS tracking Technology!   As a Shoot User, you will also have access to coupons, rewards, reviews and special deals.

Definition: "Shoot" and "Shooter" - slang words used around Detroit implying running an errand for someone quick, simply meaning to do a service fast when someone is in a hurry,

or pressed for time.  We saw the vision to launch Shoot after realizing the "value" for someone to "Shoot" to a store or restaurant, run an errand, or provide a service quickly.  

As a result Shoot Delivery was founded and born for people wanting to help others, needing to earn extra cash, and for Mom and Pop business wanting to serve their community

on a mobile platform.