Shoot Delivery app helps you find and order food, or items from your local convenience store wherever you are. The way it works: you scroll through our list of nearby restaurants or local businesses that offer services, you find what you want to order create your bag then proceed by typing in your address and choosing the way of payment. Want to be more specific? Search by cuisine, restaurant name or menu item. Our filter option will optimize your search accordingly. We also allow all customers access to coupons, rewards, reviews, special deals and inside the app we offer a way to track your driver with real-time feed so you can be assured that your order will come in the appropriate time. 

 Shoot started as a idea after being from Detroit and needing someone to "Shoot" to the store or restaurant, run an errand, or provide a service quickly.  We founded Shoot Delivery for people wanting to help others, needing to earn extra cash, and Mom and Pops Restaurant being ready to serve their community. "Shoot" is a slang word we use around Detroit implying running an errand for someone real quick, simply meaning to do a service fast when someone is in a hurry, or pressed for time.